Wednesday, 28 February 2007


I'm trying out this Eclipse extension to Subversion to see if it will really make life easier for development work on NDG.

Fajin Yuan mentioned it in his talk last week at the SSTD Software Engineering meeting. This and also Mylar, a tool for integrating Bugzilla/Trac into Eclipse.


Instructions are at the Tigris site. This is fine if your Eclipse proxy settings work but I couldn't get this going even when I made the settings in the Install/Update preferences. There is a zip file you can use instead. I downloaded and pointed the Eclipse settings to pick this up as a local site.  All went well from there.

Initial Impressions

The plugin works as another view in Eclipse. The SVN Repository window was initially blank. I set up the SVN style URL for the NDG repository and it displayed everything in a tree view. I also had to provide username/password. I hope the latter isn't stored(!).

It looks good and seems to implement everything that I would typically need to do on the command line in a graphical form ... check ins and check outs display diffs, check in records, different file revisions in the editor etc ... but I think I will need to re-check out my local copy so that it is in sync with this.